Hello, I'm Abby

You're probably here because you're looking for some wellness support,
Or maybe you're just curious about breathwork,
Or maybe you're exploring resources to help you live a more empowered life so that you can show up for yourself and the people you love in a way that feels good.
Either way, you're in the right place.


You already have everything you need to create the emotional and mental shifts required to show up fully for your life - and it all lies in the power of your breath.
Learning how to deeply connect with your breath not only improves your physiological health, but also the extent to which we can connect with our children, partners, family, and friends.

empowered wellness

Don't miss one more day of your life drowning in anxiety and overwhelm, missing the chance to create magical moments for you and your family.
Let's create your empowered wellness toolbox so that you know exactly how to move towards what you want, with intention and loving presence.
If you're ready to feel better now, but don't know where to start, start here.

About Me

I could write this in the third person and pretend its super professional...but I would rather share my story in an authentic way so that you feel empowered to share yours.When I became a parent, my life looked nothing like I expected it to - postpartum anxiety stole every moment from me, and I spent hours obsessing about how to be who I thought I "should" be, all the while clinging to who I used to be, with no regard for who I was actually being.And so began my own journey to empowered wellness - I explored every modality under the sun. And then I found breathwork and it transformed my life.Now I'm on a mission to empower burned-out caregivers, helping them to master these life-saving mind-body tools as they reclaim their wellness and purpose.I would be honoured to support you in creating a life you love showing up for.